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Monday, 23 January 2012

White Spot Breakfast

IMG_3478Breakfast at White Spot?  When you think breakfast, White Spot isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind (and vice versa) but after recently eating at Jethro’s and being unimpressed with my several visits to Ihop, I was fresh out of ideas for breakfast with  TheHousewife.  Plus, I’m not one to usually breakfast out as I usually have a light home-made breakfast on the go.  Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that White Spot has a breakfast menu!  Yet, at  TheHousewife ’s suggestion, here I was discovering new food at a readily available restaurant.  Since my experience at Jethro’s with the eggs benny was a miss, I knew what I wasn’t going to get; instead I had my eye and stomach on the waffles and omelettes!

White Spot has served me pretty well for my lunch and dinner outings and I have generally liked food here, but I have been pretty limited in what I can eat because I have to stick to veggie/seafood dishes.  The breakfast menu here, however, is much more nabs-friendly (compatible with vegetarians) so I was pretty excited about the choices I had.  I passed on the omeletes and settled on the Granny Smith Apple Cinnamon Waffle with a healthy serving of Vanilla Bean Ice cream after being seriously tempted by the Berry Patch Waffle.  The Veggie Sunny Start claimed  TheHousewife ’s heart.

IMG_3481As we requested, the waffle arrived with its toppings and accompanying ice cream on the side.  This way  TheHousewife  and I could top it off with the amount of topping each of desired; indeed, I topped off my half of the waffle with WAY more stuff than she did =D.  The waffle was warm, fat and fluffy, crip on the outside but soft on the inside.  The apple cinnamon topping had crisp apple wedges in it and was viscous enough to hold itself in place on the waffle and not drip everywhere while being transported from the plate to the mouth *thumbs up*.  Gotta say though, it wasn’t as sweet as I expected, but then again I do have a sweet tooth that most do not… so its probably just right for most people as it was for  TheHousewife .  I also topped off the waffle with the vanilla bean ice cream because I like melty ice cream on warm waffles.  mmmm yummy in my tummy!  I liked this waffle.


TheHousewife’s Veggie Sunny Start looked very very wholesome when it arrived on the table.  This was obviously the healthier of the two dishes we ordered.  The scrambled egg mix contained scallions, green pepper, mushroom, diced tomatoes and relish, all sitting in between two pieces of healthy multigrain bun.  I didn’t really taste or see the mushrooms but the rest of the ingredients were present.  Although nothing spectacular, this dish was still satisfying and left a longing for more of the scrambled egg mix.  This really was delicious.  If I was to get this again (don’t know if I would because the waffle and regular [less healthy] omelettes would probably do me in) I would probably joking ask the waiter if I can get an extra serving of the scrambled egg mix haha.  The fruits that were served were unbelievably fresh and clean looking and I almost didn’t want to eat the strawberries to preserve their perfectness.  They were unfortunately (or fortunately) devoured.

Having tried the limited options available on their lunch and dinner menus, I was pretty excited to try their breakfast menu and see if I liked something better.  The nabs-friendliness is definitely a welcome change and I can say I do like their breakfast menu better simply because of that.  Think I need to try more items before passing a verdict on this though.  One thing’s for sure, Ihop has fallen behind Jethro’s and White Spot in the race of breakfast places.

The Yummy:
- lots of space in White Spot restaurants
- breakfast menu is pretty nabs-friendly =) and this means it’s a good one for the vegetarians
- waffles are yummy!  better than waffles I’ve had at other places

The Yucky:
- wishing the apple cinnamon topping was sweeter
- really wishing there was more filling in the Veggie Sunny Start

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