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Thursday, 20 December 2012

YUUmmy food at Yuu Japanese Tapas 優

A few weeks ago, the yummy crew had an impromptu dinner meeting in Richmond. It was pretty late at night, but there is never a lack of good eateries in Richmond. Nabs thought that we would give Yuu a try. Yuu is a small restaurant in the Continental Plaza in Richmond (same as the second Deer Garden, Posh, Pearl Castle, etc.). Their offerings are a mix of contemporary Japanese “tapas” or small dishes as well various Asian mains. They also have quite an interesting dessert section as well.

We arrived around 9:15-30 or so and ended up being the last customers of the night. We were surprised to find that the place closed at 10:30PM every night when most other restaurants in the plaza opened until much later.
I liked their super colorful menu and must admit that some of the pictures really tempted me to order more food! The interior of the restaurant is simply decorated and can seat about 25-30 people. Some of the seats are quite close to the door and can be very cold on a winter night. There were open seats and cute little booths to choose from. A television screen played Japanese programming, though I’m pretty sure the place is owned by Chinese people (much like many of the other “Japanese” restaurants in Richmond).

The walls had pretty cute decorations as well, such as the cute little piggy and the veggies pictured to the right. Overall, it’s a fairly comfortable place to dine. As we were one of the only tables that night, we had very attentive service from the waiters as well.
IMG_9582 Since Nabs had already eaten some dinner at home (yummy Nabs mommy cooking :P), he decided to just get a simple appetizer: takoyaki. This is one of our favourite snacks. As you will possibly remember, we also blogged about these when we went to the Richmond Night Market.
It never ceases to amaze me to see the bonito flakes moving back and forth when the takoyaki is served hot. Yuu’s offering had five delicious takoyaki balls served with the usual takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes.
We also decided to get Yuu’s poutine to share as well. Unlike regular poutine, which is usually drizzled with gravy and plenty of gooey cheese curds, Yuu’s offering is much like their takoyaki – same kind of sauce – only over fries. I really liked the presentation – the mini skillet was pretty cute. Rich and Nabs weren’t a big fan of the fries, but I found them allright.
I decided to go with my usual favourite of kimchi hotpot. Yuu’s offering came in the usual metal bowl with a side of rice and some small side dishes. The soup was very flavourful with plenty of kimchi. I was pleasantly surprised at how much pork, veggies, fishballs, shrimp were put into the soup. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish my dish. I enjoyed it though and for 10 bucks, I’d probably get it again.
IMG_9610 Rich of course got his all-time favourite: ramen! He decided to get something a bit different though – black pepper beef ramen. This is definitely not something that you would find at a ramen place. Rich said that the broth was flavourful and spicy. The noodles were cooked al dente and like my kimchi hotpot, it was quite a large portion. Rich said he liked it and thought it was a refreshing new take on ramen.
The Yummies:
  • Large portion sizes that are reasonably priced
  • Some creative offerings
  • Good presentation
  • Plenty of parking
The Yuckies:
  • Doesn’t open late (late in Richmond restaurant sense anyway)

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