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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Post-sushi Bubble Tea: The New Best Dessert?

After we were done at Sushiyama, the three of us still surprisingly had room for dessert.  This was surprising because firstly it was late at night and secondly because we had a rather large amount of food at Sushiyama.  But we must have all really worked our brains because, darn, we consumed a lot this night haha.  Anyhow, after recently having heard of a change in ownership at Green Leaf (a most disheartening news!) we were curious to see how it looks, if it was still busy, and if the bubble tea there was still good and so we set out to pay it a visit.  When we got there though, we saw the place was completely deserted.  The place was definitely renovated but there were no customers and the folks who worked there were sitting looking extremely bored.  This is the first time we have seen the place empty!  Needless to say, after a few moments of hesitation, we defected to L&G Bubble Tea House just a few steps south of here.  A decision we do not regret. 295[10]
292[9] L&G has been on our radar for a while based on a few people recommending it and because we always see it on our way to Green Leaf but we never actually had the drive to try it out until now.  From the inside, this place is better maintained than most places in this area and definitely feels less run-down than Green Leaf did.  They have better seating as well and more food options on their menu.  Wait, let me rephrase that, this place actually HAS food items on their menu unlike Green Leaf which advertised food but did not actually have any!  The table even has a deck of cards and a set of Uno for your playing pleasure but they looked really old and dirty and yellow... so I refrained from touching them.
289[10] 290[9]
The most happying thing for us was that L&G also has $2 dollar bubble tea, a winning factor for us
obviously.  Richard was clearly overjoyed and celebrating by making high pitched squeals of happiness while jumping in the air.  Plus its open late AND has wifi!  Cheap food and free wifi?  Now we're talking!
Clearly, finding $2 bubble tea was blissful.  But what is really impressive is that their fresh fruit options are all available that that price in a small size, and cost $3 for a regular size.  We ended up actually ordering the $3 regular size because its equivalent to what you find for 4.50 at most bubble tea places.  I got the fresh taro, Ying got the strawberry mango and Rich the green tea ice cream (as we arbitrarily use the quality of the green tea ice cream bubble tea to pass our final verdict on a bubble tea place). The neatly hand-written menu was also quite endearing as it used to be a feature of Green Leaf, but alas, they now have a computer printed sign…
282[9] Taro is my second favourite flavour for bubble tea; mango is my ultimate #1 choice but today I went with taro because a co-worker had recommended it.  I have had taro bubble tea at almost every bubble tea place we frequent (bubble word, well tea, pearl castle, dragon ball tea house, green leaf) and I've had the good and the bad so I can safely say that this place was good.  In fact, I'll go so far as to say it was the best taro bubble tea I've had!  It wasn't too sweet as it can be at other places or too purple with added colouring.   I actually finished my whole drink without feeling like declaring I'd had my fix of sweet for the week.  This was a great fresh taro bubble tea.  I think I've found the home for the best taro bubble tea now.  Next time I'll try the mango.
Mango Strawberry: Ying has always been a big fan of fresh fruit bubble tea and was thus delighted to find that ALL of their single flavour fresh fruit selections were priced at $2 for the 12 oz. version. She now no longer has to wait for the fresh fruit flavour of the day at Green Leaf! However, today, it seemed like both mango and strawberry tickled her fancy, so she enquired about the mixed flavours and whether or not they were available for $2 as well. Alas, it seems that all mixed flavours are $3, but that’s for the larger 16 oz. size! She commented that the fruity taste was fresh and not overtly sweetened, just the way she likes it.

Green Tea Ice Cream: Rich opted for one of our all-time favourites. He didn’t comment on the dessert too much as he was too busy sipping away, but did say that the matcha flavour was just right… not too sweet. The drink was creamy and at $3, quite a bargain!

After being devastated by the change in ownership at Green Leaf and being certain we would have to look for a new place, we were happy to have tried L&G.  The combination of cheap and pretty good bubble tea probably puts this place at or near the top of our bubble tea places of choice.  One thing we didn't like, however, was the amount of time it took to get our drinks.  We had to wait for a good 20-25 mins for our drinks which was surprising considering they seemed to only have 5 drinks ahead of us.  Wonder what took so long and if this is usual.  Guess we'll find out after a few more visits! Oh yeah, one more thing, guess which place was completely empty tonight?

The Yummies: 
  • $2 small and $3 regular for fresh fruit bubble tea?  Guess we can afford that vacation after all!
  • Free wifis
  • They even have food (we haven't tried this yet though) so you can satisfy your hunger here too

The Yuckies: 
  • Took a lot of time to get our drinks ready
  • Street parking can be a little difficult to find along this stretch due to several food places here

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Sarah said...

Hi! Just saying that there's parking at the back~

Ying Yao said...

Thanks Sarah! That'll make things a lot easier in the future. :)

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