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About Us

We are three friends with one thing in common.
We love to eat!!!~

Our goal is to share our food adventures with you. We aim to show you our tasty journeys through photos and description. We are not professional critics. This is purely for fun! 


YingI am kinda the administrator of this blog. Currently a poor student with a passion for food. Recently, I’ve been finding myself frequenting the same old restaurants one too many times… hence the motivation for this blog! Now it’ll finally give me an excuse to drag Rich out to some more exciting places~ I don’t mind trying different types of cuisine, if you have any good suggestions, please leave us a comment!

Rich: A photographer (I take most of the pictures on this blog). A chicken hater (you'll never see a single chicken dish from me). And a lover (Ying's bf). My value for food is good value. I am from Hong Kong but lived in Vancouver most of my life. I like to try out cuisines from different cultures. My favourite is Indian food for I have a weak spot for curry. The spicier the better.  

Nabs: A sushi-loving vancouverite, I also have taste buds for various asian cuisines, desserts, and baked goods.  I am addicted to sushi but also love eating at indian-chinese fusion cuisine restaurants and always am ready to declare a second stomach for dessert.  Cakes are to me what Ying is to Richard, and mango flavored desserts are my frequent favourites.  I cannot tolerate shrimp and am limited in my meat consumption so you'll find me more vocal about vegetarian and non-shell fish seafood options.  And I love the Canucks!


Hammad Qazi said...

Nabs took my sushi V-card, it was a painful experience and it hurt going down...I think i threw up after too...

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