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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bummer Dinner (fish n chips) at Red Rooster

I suddenly had a hankering for fish and chips around 4 pm today and I tried to convince my parents to venture out to Steveston so we could have Pajos, but there is no convincing them out of their lazy Sunday afternoon state of being and so it was a lost cause. So then I made plans to hit up Pajos with my brothers and MooseMan and his brother, but turns out Pajos was closed by the time we decided to go. And so MooseMan and I attempted to decide on another food spot.

We went through a list of names and finally settled on Red Rooster. Why Red Rooster? Well, because there is a very apparent shortage of Halal restaurants in Richmond and when one does open up, word of mouth contagiously spreads the message around in the Halal-eating community. And Red Rooster opened up 9 days ago and is Halal so naturally, we were going to try it out.

Entering the restaurant, we were hit with very smokey air, which I presume was from the frying vats in the back.  This place needs better ventilation.  Or they need to leave the door open.  Heck, I couldn’t breathe in there and I felt like I was suffocating.  We had to hold the door open for a few minutes before it became tolerable.

The place is pretty bare and pretty small.  There are only enough tables in here to seat about 8 people so if you plan on coming here, prepare to get take out.  Anyhow, the telltale sign of this place being brand spanking new was their menu.  Half the items were Coming Soon, including fish and chips. 
Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, today was the first day they were serving fish and chips (we were about to settle for pizza).  The fish and chips was 8.99 for no meal and 10.99 for a meal.  That’s pretty expensive considering fish and chips for a medium to a large serving size at most places is 10 bucks and from my past experience, its pretty hard for one person to finish the amount of fish and chips you get for 10 bucks with out feeling like a greasy fatty i-would-float-on-water ball of sh*t.

So we ordered two fish and chips meals for 4 of us thinking they’d be large enough to feed us all and Fabio the fifth person ordered a chicken burger meal.
Turns out, the fish and chips were tiny as hell and barely enough to feed one person!!!  For 10.99 I did not expect this and seeing the size totally ruined the meal… UGH.  So disappoint. 
Well, the food it self was mediocre.  The fries were crispy and had a texture similar to Costo fries, but not as good and really oily.  The fish they serve is Cod.  Cod is the best fish to deep fry in my opinion.  What the served was okay.  The fish retained its moisture and flakey-ness but the batter wasn’t right.  Something was off about the batter.  And they served two small pieces of fish only.  Total fail.  Not good.  Not enough.  Not tastey.  Not priced right.  Disappoint.
Also the tartar sauce they have was excessively yellow and extremely salty.  It was sort of gross to eat.  I tuned that out to salvage would I could of the meal that cost me more than any fish and chips I’ve ever had in my entire long life.

Fabio got the chicken burger meal for 5.99 which is a much more reasonably priced meal.  The burger was pretty big, the size of a Quarter Pounder at McD.  The burger had in it mayo, lettuce and tomato with a slab of chicken.  Fabio described it as being “pretty good actually”.  His burger also came with a large serving of fries.  Not sure if this is the standard size of fries with the burger  meal though ‘cause I heard the guy say “Here’s some extra fries for you guys”.
I managed to grab a photo of their hand-out menu which you can peruse for your browsing pleasure.


All in all, I was extremely disappointed in the quantity of the food (more than the quality anyways) considering the amount I paid.  For 10.99 the fish and chips meal should have been at least 1.5 as large.  The fish and chips at White Spot and Pajos cost a bit more but serve at least twice the amount of food and much better food too. 

The ultimate question:  Would I come back?

Yes.  But not for the fish and chips!  Never !!  Their burgers are much more reasonably priced and so are their pizzas and, well pretty much the rest of the menu.  Also considering this is one of the few halal places in Richmond, I’m sure I’ll be back to try their other meat items.

But never for the fish and chips.  Trust me, this was bad fish and chips.

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Mahir said...

you never were big on fish 'n chips, but even i have to say, that was bad, and i havent had many fish n chips, but i know enough to say it wasnt good. Though halibut would have been better in my opinion..

Rayan said...

Best fish and chips in Vancouver area is at the Crab Shop in North Vancouver... check it out if you ever venture that way... that being said if Pajos is too fair, then you may never make it lol.

Nabeel said...

Hi Rayan! Thanks for the advice. If I find myself in the North Van. area I'll try to check that place out. Although.. I'm rarely in the area haha. Maybe after one of my Grouse Grind outings this summer!

J Sami said...

Sorry to hear your sad story but I think signs clearly says Chicken, so you should try the main menu item not a side item to judge them.
I have tried their chicken and trust me it is way better then any other available options in Vancouver and that includes KFC too.
I am not a big fan of fish & chips so don't really know the price but for Chicken & Pizza they are a lot more then reasonable. You should have checked the prices of their competition first (KFC, LA Chicken, Pizza Hutt, Domino's, Panago etc) or any other Halal Chicken stores.

Nabeel said...

Thanks for your input J Sami. I'd like to point out that I did not judge them on this review at all. I Just assessed the fish and chips. Also like you said their burgers and pizzas are much more reasonably priced. I say that too. And I'll be eating their burgers and pizzas soon so ill review those next

Unknown said...

I actually read this before ordering from Red Rooster. I was super excited about a new halal restaurant in Richmond and like you said, word of mouth had spread like wild fire. I ordered the tandoori chicken pizza. It was actually not that bad. It was very home-style which I like. It came to about $13 for a large which is very reasonable for a pizza. Usually vegetarian pizzas go for more than that. If you spend $15, you get free delivery, so I ordered some drinks and had the pizza sent to my house. Unfortunately, that took exactly an hour. I had left my phone number for the delivery guy but apparently he didn't bring it with him, so for 20 minutes he was outside my complex not knowing which house to go to. I'm a little upset about that, but I like to give people the benefit of doubt and second chances. So, will I eat here again? Probably yes. I'll get this pizza again, and I also want to try their chicken. The guy on the phone was nothing but gracious, so that has earned bonus points in my book. And, it is one of the only halal places in Richmond. If you are looking for some other halal places in Richmond, try Mandalay's in Steveston village (halal lamb, last time I checked), Chicago's Subs on Bridgeport, Fresh Slice on Ackroyd has halal chicken, Danny's Pizza on Garden City and Francis has some halal options (such as paninis), and that's about all I can think of. As for pizzas, best pizza in town is Tino's Pizza on Williams and No.3! Not halal, but their veggie pizza is incredible! Anyway, happy eating! - Umme Mansoory

chris mani said...

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