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Friday, 16 March 2012

~Very Good Berry Good~ Vol 1

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Impromptu plans are often the most fun.  And this was the case on our visit to Berry Good in Richmond on this chilly Monday night.  One minute I'm getting ready to crack open chemistry in my PJ's and the next, I'm putting my pants back on and thinking about where I want to have dessert.  And I thought I wouldn't get anything sweet today!  ha!  We were quick to settle on Berry Good that night probably because none of us wanted bubble tea or ice cream and I was craving cheesecake instead.  I haven't discovered too many dessert places that serve good cheesecake, or cakes for that matter, in Richmond. Yavis Club and Berry Good were the only two places that came to mind at the time.  Seriously, I think we've overdone bubble tea and need to expand our dessert tastes haha.  And so Berry Good it was!
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Typically, I arrived before Ying and Rich and found parking just outside the place.  If you're venturing out to Berry Good, make sure you look at Google Maps and see where it is because its not on a main street.  Its on a side street and you might end up driving in a circle before you find it.  Anyhow, when you find it, there is plenty of parking out in front if you go later when all the businesses around it are closed.  As I waited in my car, I thought the place was pretty small, and this was confirmed when Ying and Rich arrived and we went inside.
IMG_8337 copy IMG_8397 copy
Berry Good has short business hours opening from 6 to 12 on most days. On Friday and Saturday, they open slightly longer from 2pm to 12am. On Wednesday and Sunday, it is closed. The restaurant can accommodate at most 14-16 people.  This makes it a very good dessert place if you want to go to a quieter calmer location or for a romantic outing with your special someone or something.  And the interior can best be described as "cute".  Yeah, its full of little cutesy things, decor and touches.  Here, see for yourself (pictures above). As well, free wifi internet is provided (just ask the server for the password). And this made it a good place for the Yummy crew to work on the blog on Ying’s Lappy.
IMG_8341 copy
IMG_8344 copy
IMG_8346 copy

The menus brought over had either just cakes or cake and drink combos.  It goes without saying that the combos are much more value for the money AND reasonably priced here as well.  The sever told us that the available cakes for order are in the cooler up by the till and we can walk up there to check them out (see the two pictures above).  This means you're bound to find a slightly varying selection every time you visit which gives us all the more reason to look forward to coming back.  And we don't mind that at all =)
IMG_8366 copy IMG_8369 copy

I settled for the Chai Tea and All About Chocolate Cake.  The chai tea was actually really good which I wasn't expecting; it wasn't overloaded with spices like it is at Starbucks and it wasn't to sweet either.  It didn't burn my throat.  That's the way it is supposed to be.  My mom makes authentic chai tea at home sometimes so the bar was set pretty high and as expected the chai tea here didn't compare to my mom's but it was good for what you find elsewhere.
IMG_8388 copy

My All About Chocolate Cake was great (see picture above).  I had imagined it being very moist and spongy and sweet but it was drier, denser and less sweet than expected.  A welcome change!  Our most common complaint with desserts is that they are too sweet so I got really giddy over this.  The chocolate cake was covered with a solid layer of chocolate which provided a satisfactory resistance and snap when I sliced into it with my spoon.  The outermost layer was chocolate cream and this was the sweetest part of the dish.  The rich creamy chocolate cream served to provide moisture and texture to the cake.  I gotta say, my drink and cake went really well together.  The drink was sweet enough to balance the yummy cake and the flavours really complemented each other.  Yummy in my tummy!
IMG_8371 copyIMG_8401 copy

Richard was inclined to order the earl grey cheesecake with rosehip tea.  He found the tea a bit disappointing as it smelled much better than it tasted. He wasn't really expecting the tartness, but figured it went pretty well with his cake selection.  It wasn't anything spectacular and didn't blow his mind.  What we did find nice was that you could walk up to the front and refill your tea cup with hot water as many times as you wanted.  That is a nice touch.
IMG_8377 copy
The earl grey cheesecake was superb.  Rich described it as being delicious, not too cheesy, not to dense, and not too sweet unlike the typical cheesecake you find at most places.  This was nice, light, and fluffy.  And it tasted like earl grey tea!  Ying and I concluded that they infused genuine earl grey tea into the cheesecake mix to achieve this.  Very fragrant and flavorful.  
IMG_8382 copy Ying opted for the mint hot chocolate and the green tea chiffon cake.  This was a good combo too.  Her mint hot chocolate was thoroughly enjoyed by her and Rich, but I'm not big on mint chocolate or teas and so mint hot chocolate isn't exactly my cup of tea. She commented that the drink reminded her of the Lindt Christmas mint-dark chocolate. Now, as for the green tea chiffon cake, THIS was the best dessert we had that night.  Seriously, if you're going to Berry Good, you have to get this green tea chiffon cake and taste its gloriousness for yourself. Fresh, light, soft, fluffly, and satisfying, that's all there is to it.  Even the cream on this was good haha.  Yummy in our tummies to the max!  I think we've found a front runner for best dessert folks.  And definitely the best green tea cake around.  Note the cutesy spoon with Ying's drink =).
IMG_8378 copy
All in all, this was one fantabulous dessert outing.  Do you see the Vol 1 in the title of this post?  its volume 1 because we know we are going to go back several times for more visits and try other things haha.  We were so impressed that I’m craving to go back tonight and its just been 3 days since we last went there!  Oh my sweet tooth.  We highly recommend this place if you’re looking for cheesecake or cake for dessert in Richmond and we’re pretty certain you’ll be pleased too. Oh, all of their cakes are also available to be ordered as a full cake (for a birthday or something) - starting at ~$33 ish for a 6-7 inch cake. The owner? asked for a 4 day advanced notice though.

The Yummies:
  • The desserts are deeelicious! and the drinks weren’t bad either.
  • One of the more smaller, quieter, and more personable dessert places around.
  • Ambiance is very appealing
  • Did I mention their desserts are deeeelicious!?
  • Green tea chiffon cake.  Nuff said.
The Yuckies:
  • Location is not prominent, it is stowed away from the main streets
  • Small seating area, don’t plan on coming here with 6 friends haha
  • Limited hours - why can't I get dessert during the day on a weekday :(

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