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Sunday, 2 December 2012

$1 McCafe specialty drinks promo

McDonald’s is back at it with their $1 drinks.  This time the deal applies to their small sized specialty hot coffees from Nov 29-Dec 9.

If you haven’t tried McCafe drinks, you might be missing out!  Currently, their regular coffee is my favourite coffee; yes it has trumped Timmy’s coffee for the time being.  No I’m not joking!  But their regular coffee isn’t part of the promo.

Small sized mochas, americanos, lattes, cappuccinos are fair game though and only hot drinks, no cold drinks.  I have tried their latte and it was pretty good; rich, smooth, and creamy just the way it should be.  I also tried their peppermint mocha which was alright.  This came topped with whip and candy cane sprinkles too.  Not as good as Starbucks peppermint mocha but what the heck, its 1/5th the price!

Head on over to your nearest McDonald’s quick before the promo runs out on Dec 9th.
(Btw, McD coffee cups are the best.  I wonder if anyone else appreciates their double layered design like I do?)


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