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Sunday, 5 February 2012

JJ Bean for a Cuppa Joe~

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I just got off after another hectic day of work and Ying was telling me about how similarly crazy her shift was. It was 6pm and I had 2.5 hours to kill before dine out  with Krispymilk, Nabs and Ying. What should I do? I suggested JJ Bean so we could forget about our mind boggling work and have a cuppa joe in a cozy and dimly-lit setting. JJ Bean is a modern coffee shop that offers tranquility on a busy Main St. intersection. It serves tea, coffee, sandwiches and some pastry. I really liked its interior design, especially the fireplace in the middle of the shop. Thus, I made myself comfortable on a big leather chair and rested my brain by reading Sherlock Holmes. 
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Ying and Nabs were both doing intellectual work while enjoying their drinks. It was quiet enough there that they were productive. Ying was typing up reports on her laptop and Nabs was studying for his chemistry quiz. Ying commented that there was no free wifi there however.
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IMG_7576 copy Now, let's talk about the drinks. On the very left, we have Ying's hot chocolate. Ying said it had the right amount of sweetness. It was rich and creamy when I had a sip. However, they failed on their latte art, as the server commented. Props for trying though. My traditional cappuccino (6 oz) was quite good. I am not an enthusiast coffee drinker and I 
occasionally have a cup of coffee, any coffee, in the morning just to jump start my day. In short, I don't really care about coffee or how it tastes. I fell in love with my cup of coffee however! It was rich, frothy, and silky. I had small sips while happily enjoying the twists and turns of a great piece of classic English literature. Life was good for Nabs as he had the vanilla rooibos tea - rooibos blends mixed in with vanilla oil. He said it was not overly strong or sweet with a pleasant aroma. What he didn't like was how small it was and for $2.50, he was able to get a drink three times the size at another wavey coffee shop.

I will definitely return after another day of stressful work just to rest my mind and read while enjoying a cup of cappuccino in front of the cozy fireplace :)

The yummies:
  • Great server, great drinks, great atmosphere

The yuckies
  • We had a hard time finding free parking
  • Drinks are priced quite high for the quantity (Nabs really wished his cup was bigger)

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