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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Breakfast @ Jethro's Fine Grub

I've heard quite a bit about Jethro's and had it recommended to me by a few people as well and today I finally got a chance to visit it, after 2 weeks of intending to go but being unable to.  Yeah, there was an expectation built up for sure.  Plus, I like breakfast foods and I sometimes have breakfast for lunch or dinner at home.  So yeah, I was really looking forward to my fix of eggs, french toast, and coffee; especially after the long boring chem class I'd just had.  I guess its good to know what other breakfast places I've eaten at: Ihop and a waffle house in New West.  Yeah that list is short haha.  But I'm hoping to make it bigger by having White Spot next week.  But on this icy cold morning, Jethro's was my destination.

Arriving to this culinary crime scene around 1130 am, it was pretty easy to find parking on Dunbar right along the restaurant.  I was able to hop right out of my car and into the restaurant without having the inside of my nose freeze.  As you can see, the place isn't very big at all; in fact, it doesn't even have a big waiting area.  The dining area can seat about 20 people comfortably and 25-26 at max capacity but then it'd be cramped (like it was today).  I was here with my friend and the two of us had to wait about 10 mins to be seated and we were waiting with 3 other people.  If it wasn't so cold, we would have waited out side, but instead, we chose to put up with the claustrophobia.

After we got seated, I realized there really wasn't much room to manoeuver; I ended up backing my chair into the person behind me while making myself comfortable (and then apologized and apologized again when leaving).  MooseMan and I really liked the simplicity of the interior of the restaurant and the fact that it wasn't to 'busy'. I had already checked out the menu online and knew what I wanted but MooseMan took a few mins to come to a decision.  In the meantime, both of us being coffee drinkers, we ordered coffee.  It was average coffee and there really isn't much for me to say about it.  Except that I emptied two shots of milk into my coffee before realizing it was creme.  Oh well, it tasted better that way!.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict (~$11) because its description made my stomach grumble which I interpreted as 'meewaanntt' and MooseMan got the Baked Potato Omelete sans bacon (~$12).  When the food arrived, we were both really really hungry and I had a difficult time delaying eating for the sake of photos.  The portions here are big.  No, really folks, they filling and worth their value.

So the description of my order made it sound very appetizing and when it arrived, it appeared really really delectable too.  I like baked potatoes and these baked potatoes were good; every piece was properly cooked and soft and many pieces had some crispy potato skin on them.  One thing I had to do was add salt and pepper on top.  Yes yes I know, I preach the old adage that sprinkling salt on top is not good and often leads to too much salt and thus an increased risk of high blood pressure.  But I was liking my baked potatoes and I wanted to enjoy them more!  Now, smoked salmon with eggs is a standard mixture at many breakfast outlets and sure you might think they go well together; heck some of you might even like them together and I though I would too.  But I didn't like it, and the hollandaise sauce (which was yummy!) didn't really help the smoked salmon and poached eggs flavor and textures mingle much.  I managed to eat one piece but I definitely could not have had the second and ended up giving it to MooseMan.  I guess I just wasn't feelin' it.
The Baked Potato Omelete hit the spot though.  The omelete itself was fat and fluffy and adequately stuffed with the goods (hashbrowns, sourcream, scallions, cheddar).  Everything in this omelete went well together and the sour cream was not overpowering.  The best part was how fat and fluffy the egg itself was (pretty sure they whipped some milk into the omelete mix!) and that it wasn't over stuffed with ingredients unlike what you'd find with an Ihop omelete.  This omelete is served with fresh fruits and toast.  MooseMan opted to go with dark rye toast and, while personally I'd go with white
bread toast, this was a nice change.  The fruits were good to help wash down the rich breakfast, especially for me to wash down the cacophony of flavors =S.

As far as the ambience and service are concerned, the simplicity of the interior was appealing and the service was prompt and friendly.  The servers were willing to strike up and carry a conversation as casually as you would expect to with a friend.  In fact, MooseMan and I chatted with our server about some YouTube clip haha!  One thing that MooseMan and I talked about is that we felt a little rushed to eat.  Don't get me wrong, it was not at all the fault of the staff who were friendly, happy, and casual; it probably was due to our self conciousness of how long we're taking to eat while the line up at the door was growing to 8-10 people.  Being Vancouverites, we're innately kind and courteous and that is what may lead you to feel slightly rushed, especially if you're on a solo mission to this outlet.

All in all, it was a good experience here.  I was disappointed with my order but the rest of the food was good and the service was pleasant as well.  I would..., rather, I will come back here again and try out some other dishes to make up for this one!

The Yummies:
- good food generally speaking, great staff
- pleasant atmosphere
- large portions
- you wont break the bank eating here
- baked potatoes are GREAT

The Yuckies:
- cramped waiting area
- very little wiggle room in dining area
- may cause you to feel rushed due to how busy they are (NOT staff)

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Ying Yao said...

Oh man Nabs, I shoulda have gone with you! I LOVE smoked salmon egg bennys - it's like my go to breakfast menu item...and I'm always disappointed when it's not on the menu somewhere~
I really like the one at De Dutch - breakfast there some time with us? Apparently the one close to my place is the original one~

Nabeel said...

Sure lets do it! We can hit up this place again too cuz I wanna try their other items too.

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