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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Festive Tuesdays at Fresh Slice

I love bargains.  Who doesn’t love bargains?  We all love bargains.  And there are few better days on which to find a good bargain than Tuesdays.  I love Tuesdays too and let me tell you why.  Because Tuesdays mean Festive Tuesdays at Fresh Slice Pizza!  (Cheap movies are another bargain but there is no good food to talk about there.)

Every Tuesday you can get any slice at any location for $1.00.  THAT, is a good deal.  Now I find myself in Tsawwassen quite often so I drop by pretty frequently and I’ve tried their plain cheese, pesto cheese, cheeze and pineapple, veggie and greek pizzas.  I haven’t tried their meat pizzas though so I can’t comment on those but I’ve observed that their barbecue chicken and pepperoni pizzas are quite popular.  My favorites?  The pesto cheese!  This culinary beauty is SO darned delicious that its bound to leave you wanting more.  In fact, I haven’t met a single person that hasn’t liked the Pesto cheese.  I know some people say that their pizza is too thin and its like eating cardboard, but heck what do you expect for a dollar? 

The delectable Pesto Cheese! Omnomnom!
On a regular day, their slices are $1.75 each at this location.  Prices can vary from location to location so drop by your nearest outlet and check it out!.  They do have combos like the 2 slice combo or the 2 slice and a drink combo etc which may tickle your fancy as well.

The Veggie Pizza - my 2nd fav 
Now, I’ve visited a few locations of Fresh slice (all the ones in Richmond, the one in Ladner, and this one in Tsawassen) and I have to say, I like the Tsawassen location best.  For those of you wondering why there is a difference; Fresh Slice is a franchise and each location has a different owner.  Because of this, each location has vastly different staff and vastly different quality in food preparation and presentation.  Locations can also have different pricing, but promo/deals are the same at all stores like Festive Tuesdays.  I have to say, none of the Richmond locations struck me well.  They all seemed to be hectic looking, their staff were not warm and receptive, and their pizzas were either too oily or to dry or too over cooked.  The Ladner location was better, but the Tsawwassen location is the best.  Their pizzas are done right, their staff is nice and friendly (especially the owner), and the restaurant is kept clean.  If you’re in and around the Tsawwassen area, I highly recommend that you drop by this location at 12 ave and 56 St (near the CIBC) and check it out yourself!

The Yummies:
- its a darned good deal on tuesday's to grab a slice on the go
- pretty neat and clean interior
- super friendly staff, especially the owner

The Yuckies:
- Tuesdays and Fridays can be busy days which = long line ups =(
- Quality and price can vary from location to location

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