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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sushi Bay

IMG_6905 copy
Sushi Bay on Kingsway

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As both Ying and I have evening/night shifts today, we decided to go out for lunch late (at 3PM). Chances are, dinner is going to be after 12:00am T_T…… That’s what shift work does to your meal schedule <.< After all, shift work + hectic/non-existent meal times = worse health and increased risk of obesity, diabetes, etc. Every other month there seems to be an article detailing the negative health effects of shift work, but yet here we are, still trudging along(example from LA Times). How ironic…health care workers having bad health… *sigh* I guess babies still need to be delivered and people still need their drugs…

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Since my shift was starting at 4 and it was already 3, we had limited options and opted for something close and quick. Sushi Bay happens to be just down the street from Ying’s home. It was an obvious choice. Parking on Kingsway is free until 3pm on weekdays, then you have to pay for parking ticket; therefore, I had to drive to the back of Sushi Bay for their free parking, which is very small and is on a slope. Upon entering the restaurant, we were quickly greeted by a server. This place looks clean and modern. It should seat 40 people comfortably. Though, when we got there, it was rather empty with only one other table occupied. After all, it was 3 in the afternoon and few people have lunch at this time. Wi-fi seems to be complimentary but I have 6GB of data to burn on my phone, so I didn’t ask about it. The decoration on the walls are simple but definitely tells you that you are in a Japanese restaurant. Ying looked at their menu and quickly decided on several things since I was running out of time...

IMG_6869 copyIMG_6874 copy

IMG_6893 copyTo start, we got the takoyaki (grilled octopus) as an appy ($3.95). The six pieces arrived quickly and they were covered in bonito flakes and brushed with mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce. I’ve never tried the authentic street vendor style takoyaki so I cannot compare but these little buggers were really good. Firstly, the presentation was excellent. The bonito flake pieces were moving (which gives that wow factor) because of upward air convection (?). Anyhow, it couldn’t wait to let my taste buds explode. I quickly took a bite and found that I like it a lot! The outside is crunchy and the inside is moist. The sauce complements these octopus balls really well! I did find octopus inside but definitely not a mouthful of it. I think I ate 4/6 of these little guys Open-mouthed smile
IMG_6866 copy

IMG_6864 copy

 Next one up is rain bow roll ($5.95). Presentation is fantabulous with succulent pieces of sashimi and avocado laid on top of a tamago (egg) and cucumber roll. The rainbow rolls I had in the past have all been made with a California roll as the base, but those came with a much higher price tag (~ $10). I guess this is the compromise. The sashimi and avocado were fresh and full of texture. The beautiful colors on top are of course avocado, tuna, salmon and shrimp. The roll itself has nothing to set itself aside. I would get it again though, for the price and the presentation.

IMG_6876 copy

IMG_6879 copyIMG_6880 copy

We also got the mini veggie box ($4.99 – quite a bargain). It comes in a boat Open-mouthed smile I can’t complain about its presentation as it definitely got my saliva flowing. It comes with 4 pieces of avocado rolls (the avocado pieces were huge and juicy) and tofu teriyaki with teriyaki sauce on top. Underneath the tofu pieces were bean sprouts, onion pieces and rice. Ying thinks it’s enough to fill her, but I think I could use a bit more. The teriyaki was tastefully done -- coupled with half grilled onion, my chopsticks couldn’t stop moving.

IMG_6896 copy

IMG_6886 copy

We also ordered one more roll (and this one is for Nabs and the Canucks). It’s under their special roll menu and its called Hockey Pucks on Fire! As its name suggests, it is spicy. Quite spicy actually. According to the menu, it consists of crab and salmon wrapped in seaweed with no rice deep fried whole. Spicy Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce were drizzled on top for a fantastic presentation. Upon biting into it, you would find the outside crunchy and inside soft and moist, much like the takoyaki balls, but with a complete different experience. This roll did not last too long as Ying and I chowed it down really fast. This roll concluded our sushi adventure and there was no time for dessert (I wanted the ice cream Sad smile)

IMG_6889 copy
Overall, the meal was satisfying and I would revisit this place, especially when it’s only a 5 minutes walk from Ying’s place. It opens until 10pm to satisfy my late night sushi craving. This place closes on Monday – are you surprised?

The Yummies:
  • Good value
  • Good presentation
  • Friendly staff (quick to attend to us and refilled our tea regularly)
  • Clean and organized (no hint of food poisoning here)

The Yuckies:
  • No parking on Kingsway between 3 to 6pm (BOOOOOOOoooooooOOoooo) and limited parking at the back (only about 4 unmarked stalls on a SLOPE!!!!!! Don’t make Asian driving jokes here please)
  • Not exactly gourmet sushi but the price is right
  • Lacking a 60 inch TV for watching the Canucks while eating hockey pucks on fire…. tho Ying doesn’t think it’s a problem

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krispymilk said...

Haha Richard you are so off topic in the first paragraph. Btw your pics are so pro looking. And I'm so noob with my careless point and shoot photography :D

Richard Lee said...

haha, first paragraph is definitely off-topic but just wanted to rant a little bit. thanks for your comments about my photos

bobby6980 said...

I like how all of these articles are in 2012. It provides updated information on reasonably priced foods. Keep it up small son.

bobby6980 said...

It would be more cool if you guys took a picture of the menu too, so i don't have to hunt it down on urbanspoon.

Ying Yao said...

We will keep that in mind and definitely try to take more pictures of the menu! Thanks for the suggestion Bobby~ We always forget :(
We are really new bloggers who just started earlier this year... hence why our posts are all recent :)

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