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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Red Rooster Encore

So, after being disappointed with my first excursion at Red Rooster but only having tried a very small sample size of their menu with the Fish and Chips, I knew I wanted to go back and try more of their food. This time I was out to get pizza and feed the friends coming over. I now this isn't a specialty item still (chicken is their thing) so I'll probably go back again one more time before I'm done haha.
So we ordered 3 pizzas. A chicken, a meat lover, and a Hawaiian. This was the first time we had a meat lover pizza since there are very few halal pizza stores around this area, and we were stoked.
Saturday, 21 April 2012

East Side Mario’s

_MG_8833 copy
_MG_8842 copy _MG_8838 copy
Yay! I managed to get off work on time at 4pm for once! :) I love getting off work and still see the sun shining nice and bright outside! It puts me in a cheery mood! While driving to Ying’s, the majestic view of the mountains of North Vancouver made me want to pay North Van a visit. So, I decided to go on a date with Ying to Lonsdale Quay using her East Side Mario’s coupon! The string attached is that we cannot eat inside the restaurant and we must do an online order. The online order was straight forward. Even Ying figured it out! :D
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shawarma/Donair from Babylon Cafe


I was in downtown with MooseMan last week while when he had some business to take care of when we suddenly felt hungry and decided to have some shawarmas, or as they are more commonly known here, donairs.  Now, this was pretty impromptu and I didn’t have my camera with me while we ordered out food for take out, and so I didn’t get any photos of the outside or the interior of the place, but I’ll try and create a feel for what I felt while I was there.  I did get photos of the food though.  Anyhow, we decided to drop by Babylon Café, one of the first few halal shawarma shops we found out about many many years ago and have been going to since.
Monday, 9 April 2012

Kiyo Sushi hosts Eat Nabs Day

It was high time we had another Eat Nabs Day! This title is Turtle’s brainchild and originated 2 or 3 years ago as a label for Dine Out expeditions but the label had gone into hiding since. Due to popular demand, it was brought back as a label for a special dinner at Kiyo Sushi. Typical to our reputation, we spent a loooong time figuring out where to eat and were settled on Tandoori Kona but ended up changing our minds last minute and going to Kiyo Sushi instead. Impromptu FTW!

Anyway, Kiyo Sushi has always been on my radar, but I have never had the opportunity to go there. Ying and Rich have been there though and didn’t recall it being disappointing so we took their word for it and off we went. Eat Nabs Day was back!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Little Gem – Au Petit Café

_MG_8692 Au Petit Café has been a place that Ying has wanted to try for a long time! Well, ever since our food blogging adventures have started at least. The main problem with this place is that it closes every day at 7 PM; while Ying and I are rarely both free for lunch in this neighbourhood. This is definitely a hole-in-the-wall neighbourhood gem type of place that you have to know about to enter. It’s located on Main St. and 32nd/33rd Ave, in a stretch of Main St that isn’t very busy. There was quite a bit of street parking available. :D It advertises itself as an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, not that I really know what authentic is. :P I’m just here for the yummy food.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Edible Bliss at Sushi House

IMG_8197 copy
I had the good fortune of lunching with Rich and Uncle Jimbo today at sushi house in Richmond. At 2 am the night before, Uncle Jimbo messaged me saying he was having a craving for spicy salmon sushi. Just outta the blue just like that. Haha weird eh? Anyhow, since it had been quite a while since I ate at sushi house and considering that its one of my favorite sushi places in Richmond, I settled on it pretty quick. And believe me, this place does not disappoint.
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