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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Red Rooster Encore

So, after being disappointed with my first excursion at Red Rooster but only having tried a very small sample size of their menu with the Fish and Chips, I knew I wanted to go back and try more of their food. This time I was out to get pizza and feed the friends coming over. I now this isn't a specialty item still (chicken is their thing) so I'll probably go back again one more time before I'm done haha.
So we ordered 3 pizzas. A chicken, a meat lover, and a Hawaiian. This was the first time we had a meat lover pizza since there are very few halal pizza stores around this area, and we were stoked.
IMG_8326 IMG_8327
The meat lover was, as expected, great. It had minced meat, chicken bologni, and onions on it so it was rather simple but it was really satisfying. That could be due to the fact that it was our first meat lover pizza though. But nonetheless it was good. If you're like me and haven't had a meat lover pizza, go here!!
The chicken pizza was alright. This guy had chicken, mushrooms, and olives (which you cannot see in the photo). This pizza was pretty average but you know how it is, pizza when hanging out with your friends generally hits the spot. Not sure how I feel about clumps of chicken in a pizza, maybe it takes some getting used to?
IMG_8332 IMG_8333
Lastly, the Hawaiian. This one had pineapples, chicken and mushrooms. Yea we like mushrooms on our pizzas. This pizza was satisfying. Not everyone likes pineapples in their pizza but I sure do. I’d get this one again as well.

Well, this visit to Red Rooster was good. Unlike the fish and chips, I would get their pizza time and time again, especially considering they are probably only the 2nd proper halal pizza shop in Richmond.

I’ll be back again Red Rooster! For your chicken!

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