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Monday, 9 April 2012

Kiyo Sushi hosts Eat Nabs Day

It was high time we had another Eat Nabs Day! This title is Turtle’s brainchild and originated 2 or 3 years ago as a label for Dine Out expeditions but the label had gone into hiding since. Due to popular demand, it was brought back as a label for a special dinner at Kiyo Sushi. Typical to our reputation, we spent a loooong time figuring out where to eat and were settled on Tandoori Kona but ended up changing our minds last minute and going to Kiyo Sushi instead. Impromptu FTW!

Anyway, Kiyo Sushi has always been on my radar, but I have never had the opportunity to go there. Ying and Rich have been there though and didn’t recall it being disappointing so we took their word for it and off we went. Eat Nabs Day was back!

Kiyo sushi is located in Cambie Plaza at No. 5 Rd and Cambie Rd in Richmond tucked neatly behind the Dairy Queen and beside the smallest branch of Richmond Library.  Parking can be difficult as this complex is really busy and some of us had to park on the side streets nearby and walk over to the restaurant.

All good though, because the ambience in the restaurant is very pleasant and Japanese.  We even had a semi-separated area for our big group.  The only thing was that even in this semi-separated area, the tables were separated so part of the group was on one side and part on another, yet still relatively close by so we could live with it.
Since we had a large group, we had a lot of food and we couldn’t try everything. But here is what we did have. I started with the salmon sashimi at Wenlafaxine’s insistence. This was fresh, tasty and soft. It was good sashimi; trust me, I’ve had bad sashimi at Ninkazu.
We also got some scallop sashimi for a change. Well, a change for me at least. This was fantastic. The scallop sashimi was fresh, soft and delicious. I’ve never had this before so I don’t know how it compares to scallop sashimi elsewhere or what is bad scallop sashimi, but this was good!
IMG_8282[21] I tried some of Wenlafaxine’s goma’e. I’m not a fan of goma’e usually, so I’m pretty biased. Can’t say I liked it, but it wasn’t bad. The sauce was mixed into it like it was at Applause; something that’s different from the usual presentation of it.
IMG_8285[20] Next up, the spicy salmon sushi.  I really liked this roll.  It was spicy and the salmon was fresh and delicious.  The pieces were on the smaller side and didn't’ have as much salmon as I’m used to seeing so I was disappointed about that.  In comparison, the spicy salmon sushi at Sushi House were massive and were LOADED with salmon.  Ah well, at least it tasted good.
As always, the unagi tempura is a must order for me and so I ordered it here as well.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  It hit the spot.  I’ve been pretty lucky lately as I’ve been running into pretty decent unagi tempura rolls haha.  That or my standards are dropping.  But yeah, pretty satisfying unagi tempura roll. IMG_8288[14]
I also placed an order of vegetable tempura because I wanted something hot and greasy and crunchy.  Yummy.  When this dish arrived, we all dug in thoughtlessly devouring the food but 10 minutes later when we were finishing the last remnants of the veggie tempura, we realized what a wide variety of veggies were included.  We had broccoli, sweet potato, potato, asparagus, mushroom, zucchini (I love zucchini tempura), and green beans.  That is 7 items!  I think there was one more thing but I am forgetting it right now. Ying says that it was eggplant. :P
IMG_8284[3] Ying and Rich started out with Rich’s favorite katsu don, which came with a side of Japanese pickles. What was really unique about Kiyo’s katsu don was that the deep fried breaded pork cutlet actually had some onion slices within; whereas most places just mix the onion with the egg.
They also picked a chopped scallop roll and a unagi roll. The chopped scallop roll had the same slightly sweet, juicy scallops as the scallop sashimi. There was a light drizzle of Japanese mayo-based dressing that did not overpower the freshness of the scallop.
The unagi roll, on the other hand, is one of Ying’s favourites. She prefers the non-tempura version of this roll. She thought there was a good balance of unagi pieces and rice. Overall, pretty well-executed sushi!
Next up for the couple was the seafood chawanmushi, which is an egg custard steamed in a teacup. The size of the dish was quite disappointing (i.e. tiny), but the egg custard was steamed to just the right texture and was seasoned very well. There were slices of shitake mushroom, fish and a prawn mixed within the egg custard. They commented that the dish was quite like Chinese steamed egg (often mixed in with dry clams).
They also decided to get a serving of gyozas, which seemed to have pork and veggies in the filling. They didn’t talk about this dish very much, but judging by how briskly they disappeared, I’d guess that it was pretty good. :)

The Yummies:
  • food is pretty good here
  • can accommodate large groups yay!
  • I really liked the scallop sashimi, and I heard really good things about the chopped scallop roll from Ying, Rich and others

The Yuckies:
  • parking can be hard to find here
  • yea.. can't think of anything else that I didn't like

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