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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Edible Bliss at Sushi House

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I had the good fortune of lunching with Rich and Uncle Jimbo today at sushi house in Richmond. At 2 am the night before, Uncle Jimbo messaged me saying he was having a craving for spicy salmon sushi. Just outta the blue just like that. Haha weird eh? Anyhow, since it had been quite a while since I ate at sushi house and considering that its one of my favorite sushi places in Richmond, I settled on it pretty quick. And believe me, this place does not disappoint.
IMG_8200Located in continental plaza on the north side of Cambie Street near Aberdeen center, Sushi House is surrounded by many little business and as you can imagine it gets pretty darn packed around meal times. In fact I've had to wait 20 mins before being seated in the past. This wasn't the case today though thankfully. Don't worry about parking as there is plenty of it just outside the restaurant and I have never had any problems with it.

I think we arrived at just the right time. As soon as we entered a group was leaving and opened up the one and only table available for us. Boo yeah!!   The interior of the place is neat, the walls are decorated with photos of various items on their menu and funky things like these chopsticks.
IMG_8222 copy
The food arrived pretty quickly after we ordered and I was surprised by this because usually I have to wait.  Oh well no complaints here. We started with the miso soup.  To me this was a standard affair.  What stood out was that there were pieces of seaweed in the soup; something you don't find everywhere.
IMG_8204 copy
Next arrived then spicy salmon sushi, Uncle Jimbo’s choice selection.  We found this piece to be good but missing one key thing.  The salmon pieces inside were fresh and soft and delicious, and the rice was fresh but there wasn’t enough spicy sauce to deliver that kick that a well prepared spicy salmon sushi should.  The three of us all agreed that there should have been more sauce.  Nonetheless, this piece was devoured.
IMG_8206 copy
Next up was my salmon teriyaki with green salad.  The salad part of this was standard and the lettuce tasted as if it had been exposed to air for too long.  All you salad eaters out there will know what I’m talking about.  The deep friend salmon pieces topped with teriyaki sauce were great though.  Except that again I found not enough sauce on it.  The salmon was moist, which is good, and often not the case.  I was also pretty happy about the quantity of fish; for 6.95 I did not expect five pieces!!
IMG_8213 copy
IMG_8210 copy
The Crazy Boy Roll was the next item to arrive.  This roll is a hit.  A definite hit.  The staple california roll is lightly deep fried to a crunchy yet soft outer layer while maintaining the integrity of the interior.  It is served topped off with ‘house sauce’ which tastes like sweet mayo and just explodes with flavour in your mouth.  Sure the rice gets a little warm and soggy but the roll itself doesn’t suffer for it.  Yummy in our Tummies!
IMG_8226 copy
IMG_8227 copy IMG_8221 copyKatsu Don lunch set wasn't too bad. Like the salmon teriyaki set, it came with rice, salad and pickled veggie. Accoridng to Rich, the katsu (fried pork chop) was nicely fried. The batter was crunchy and the meat was moist and tender. However, Rich said that Butaya's was better. Oh well, they do specialize in Japanese fried food. Rich seem to have enjoyed his food nevertheless, as he finished all his food. 
IMG_8217 copy
IMG_8215 copy
I also had to order the Crunch Roll and my must have Unagi tempura roll.  The unagi roll, as always, hit the spot.  Nothing more to say about that.  The Crispy Roll on the other hand, was another hit.  I’ve always liked this roll here and wanted to introduce it to Rich and Uncle Jimbo.  They both agreed that it was crisptacular.  This roll is comprised of crispy tempura batter rolled up in rice along with asparagus, all topped off with sesame seeds and more tempura batter on top.  The result is a fine mix of crispy crunchy flavor.  This, along with the Crazy Boy Roll  is a must have at Sushi House if you pay them a visit.  Trust me, you wont be disappointed!
All in all, this was a fantastic lunch, as it always proves to be, and not too hard on the wallet.  The Bill came to about $13-15 per person.  Now that you’ve read my rant on my two favourite sushi places in Richmond, Sushi House and Takeya Sushi, let me know what you think and if you recommend any other places for me to try out =) 

The Yummies:
  • Cripsy roll and crazy boy roll are Win.  Enough said.
  • Parking usually plentiful
  • Good place for a quick and satisfying bite
The Yuckies:
  • Spicy salmon and salmon tempura were lacking in respective sauces.  Cannot say if this is consistently an issue.
  • This place gets packed at meal times!!!  Time your visit for a good experience.

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