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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Foodtastic Richmond Night Market

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think Richmond Night Market?  If you’re like most people I know, its food.  Food food food.  Some more food.  A little bit of browsing, sprinkled with some shopping topped off with more food, followed by a little loitering and hanging out around some food.  Ok ok, I’m sure you get the point haha!  Well, the Yummy In Our Tummies crew was determined to make at least one visit to the Richmond Food Market, oh wait I mean Night Market to sample and eat some of the large variety of food available there.  So here we were, trying to find something to do on a nice Vancouver evening.

If you’re not a Night Market enthusiast, you might not know, but there are two locations of it in Richmond this year.  The old one is in the same location as before with free admission but paid parking but the new one, where we were headed, is near River Rock Casino where parking is free but entrance is by a $1.00 fee.  (Last I heard, the fee has gone up a few more cents).  Word of mouth has it that the food stalls are more or less the same in both of the Night Markets so we don’t plan on going to the old one, but if we do and we find something different, you’ll be sure to hear from us.
Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Island Eats–Fish on Fifth

Wow! Its been a while since I’ve done this now. But I think I’m back on track and I should be able to post more regularly now, wohoo! This particular piece is about fish and chips we had at Fish on Fifth in Sidney BC, just off of the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.
The story of how we ended up here, goes something like this. There is this phenomenal Thai food restaurant here in Sidney that I’ve been to called Sabha Thai and I really wanted to go there, but when we got to Sidney, it was closed (they close between 3-5pm) and so the search began for another eatery. We ended up selecting Fish on Fifth as our plan B because it was one of the better rated Fish and Chips in Sidney.
Saturday, 2 June 2012

Big Portion and Big Taste – Anton’s Pasta Bar

_MG_9230 copy It was a beautiful night and we were looking for something dumb to do. So we went to Anton’s Pasta to stuff our face. It was quite the drive along E. Hasting as the traffic was so busy. Parking on the street was really easy to find. However, getting into the restaurant was no easy task as there was a half an hour line up. I was glad that summer is kicking in and we didn’t have to stand in the blazing cold because unlike Stepho’s, there was no heat outside. On this warm summer night, Ying and I cheerfully waited and carried out our conversation regarding how we can help Nabeel get an Asian girlfriend.
_MG_9217 copy
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