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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Island Eats–Fish on Fifth

Wow! Its been a while since I’ve done this now. But I think I’m back on track and I should be able to post more regularly now, wohoo! This particular piece is about fish and chips we had at Fish on Fifth in Sidney BC, just off of the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.
The story of how we ended up here, goes something like this. There is this phenomenal Thai food restaurant here in Sidney that I’ve been to called Sabha Thai and I really wanted to go there, but when we got to Sidney, it was closed (they close between 3-5pm) and so the search began for another eatery. We ended up selecting Fish on Fifth as our plan B because it was one of the better rated Fish and Chips in Sidney.
IMG_8901 IMG_8905

Upon entering, you’re surrounded by an interior and staff that strive to create and easy-going, chill, and casual ambience.  Let the photos above and below show you what I mean.  The color scheme, furniture, and décor is almost kiddish and youthful.  An interesting appeal.  The workers here are young and casually dressed and talk to you like an Average Joe on the street, not like a sever at a restaurant.  Oh and they have a little aquarium too, which is the source of my cover photo!
Now on to the good stuff.  How does their food stand up to the hallmark fish and chips that we’re familiar with in Richmond such as Pajo’s and Dave’s?  Well, lets see.
Their fish and chips can be served with halibut, cod, salmon, or haddock.  You can get the fish deep fried or grilled (yes.. grilled) which is toped off with a “Secret Spice”.  Every fish an d chips can be made with one piece or two, coleslaw or salad or fries,  or any combination in-between.  You get the picture, lots of customizability and you can get what you want, the way you want it.  They also do burgers and other foods and drinks.  See their  menu here.
The fish and chips is actually pretty good here and compares well to the standards of avid Fish-and-Chips-come-summertime-ers. 
Here you see the 2 piece cod, substituted with sweet potato fries and served with tartar sauce and yam fries sauce.  You can't tell in the photo, but these pieces were big.  More than enough to satisfy a hungry stomach.  The batter was crisp and the fish was done well, allowing moist individual flakes to flake off with ease and melt in your mouth just the way it should.  Oh so yummy in my tummy.  I’m hungry just writing about it oh man.

IMG_8923 Above, is the haddock fish and chips served with caesar salad.  I stole the croutons off of this one ‘cause I LOVE CROUTONS OMNOMNOM.  Anyhow, the salad was average, and Richard said the haddock was different from the typical fish and chips he gets but delicious.  Look at it.  It looks glorious!
And below you’ll see what the grilled cod would look like with the secret sauce.
IMG_8927 IMG_8928
This was a let down unfortunately.  Grilled cod became dry and unflakey.  Also the secret sauce wasn’t as good as the menu made it seem.  It tasted like some chili powder and a hint of cinnamon sprinkled on top.  No, this was a bad move.  Do not get grilled if you eat here; do yourself a favor and enjoy it the way its mean to be enjoyed.  Deep Fried.

On the whole, while not as satisfying as Sabha Thai would have been, Fish on  Fifth exceeded expectations and will be a place we will return to in the future, especially if we are craving fish and chips.

Now that its summer, I’ll probably be visiting quite a few fish and chips spots in and around town.  I’m looking for your input into places I should try so please feel free to comment, facebook, tweet, or leave us a message with your suggestions!  Thanks in advance!
IMG_8927The Yummies:
  • good food
  • different (for lack of better word) ambience
  • lots of variety on menu and customizability

The Yuckies:
  • parking can suck around this area
  • don’t don’t don’t get the grilled

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Hooooold on there folks!  What trip would be complete without a sampling of Richard’s unique taste in photography?  Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


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