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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Crab Feast at Harbour Spirit Restaurant (王朝粤川海鲜酒楼)

_MG_8601 copy
Rich and I recently had dinner with his sister and her boyfriend for the first time. I remembered that I still had a voucher for a crab dinner for 3-4 people at Harbour Spirit Restaurant that was expiring within a week. Oh these vouchers! Harbour Spirit is located along busy No. 3 Road in Richmond, right beside Cactus Club by Lansdowne, taking over the old Sammy J Pepper building. It’s actually pretty unusual for a Chinese restaurant in Richmond to have its independent building, but the plus side was that it had plenty of parking! <3
_MG_8534 copy2
Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Apple Sauce… not really… Applause

IMG_8467 copy
It was a fine March afternoon. It was a good day to eat! The yummy crew decided to head out for some yummy sushi…at Apple Sauce. Hehe, the place is actually called Applause; but the first time we passed it, Rich read Apple Sauce instead and the name stuck! We had initially tried this place really randomly on a rainy day last year after some failed photography at Jericho Beach. We were surprised to find such yummy sushi and have been back several times since then. On this occasion, we were joined by Turtle and Vicky. :)
IMG_8474 copy
The interior was well lit, although we were mainly basking in the glorious sunshine. It is clean and cozy, able to seat ~30-40 people or so comfortably. I really like how they have these dark blue curtains (much like the ones at the front door) that can be used to separate tables to give more privacy. 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Meat & Bread – Gourmet Sandwiches Galore!

_MG_8664 copy_thumb[1] With the Vancouver weather finally showing some signs of spring (aka sunshine), Rich and I ventured out to Downtown for an afternoon drive. It was around 2PM or so when we started getting hungry, because we had a really late breakfast that day. Since we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to check out Meat & Bread, the sandwich shop that has been raved about so much recently. It took a few loops around the block before we were able to secure meter parking on Cordova Street. 26 minutes of free meter from the last payer…WIN! I promptly added another dollar to top it up to 46 minutes and off we went. :)

The exterior of Meat & Bread is very unassuming. In fact, if I didn’t know about it, I would probably never visit. Not to mention it’s in an area of Vancouver that we rarely visit as well.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Kintaro Ramen (金太郎)...Slurp, Slurp, Slurp!

IMG_8300-copy_thumb IMG_8303-copy_thumb
I was hungry while walking around in downtown doing street photography. As Ying and I passed by Kintaro, we discovered there wasn’t much of a lineup! Win! So we hurried in and discovered that the inside was still packed. Oh well… So we waited… and waited. Finally, we got a seat in about 20 minutes. Kintaro is a hole-in-a-wall Japanese restaurant that specializes in ramen. If you only do one thing, you better be very good at it. This saying applies here. They make excellent ramen and is synonymous with best ramen in Vancouver in my book.
Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Claypot – Dim Sum’ing~

IMG_7358 copy[4]_thumb[1]
So it was another one of those days when I had an extended lunch break followed by afternoon lectures. Rich had the evening shift that day, so he picked me up and we met up with Ringo for lunch. Rich was seriously craving claypot rice, and we really wanted to go to Soup.com (best claypot rice!). However, since that’s in Vancouver and our afternoon lectures are in Richmond, we opted for something a bit more local. We had passed the place called Claypot on Alexandria Road many times, but never ventured in as it is an all-you-can-eat hotpot place. Though judging by the name, Rich was convinced that he would be able to find claypot rice here as well.
IMG_7363 copy[4]_thumb IMG_7364 copy[4]_thumb[2]

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Brunch at De Dutch (Richmond)

IMG_8426 copy
In honor of Coco’s arrival we were headed to De Dutch for breakfast. Why breakfast? Well I was having a craving for breakfast for a few days which had been going unsatisfied. I'd especially been drooling over the taste of hash browns. Mmm deep fried potato so good mmm. But there aren't too many breakfast places in Richmond and I m not really big on Ihop. and I've recently had White Spot breakfast. De Dutch had come up a few times in our conversations and we were surprised to find out it existed in Richmond. So De Dutch it was!!
Friday, 16 March 2012

~Very Good Berry Good~ Vol 1

IMG_8406 copy
Impromptu plans are often the most fun.  And this was the case on our visit to Berry Good in Richmond on this chilly Monday night.  One minute I'm getting ready to crack open chemistry in my PJ's and the next, I'm putting my pants back on and thinking about where I want to have dessert.  And I thought I wouldn't get anything sweet today!  ha!  We were quick to settle on Berry Good that night probably because none of us wanted bubble tea or ice cream and I was craving cheesecake instead.  I haven't discovered too many dessert places that serve good cheesecake, or cakes for that matter, in Richmond. Yavis Club and Berry Good were the only two places that came to mind at the time.  Seriously, I think we've overdone bubble tea and need to expand our dessert tastes haha.  And so Berry Good it was!
IMG_8357 copy

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Pig King–Butaya

IMG_7276 copy
IMG_7273 copy IMG_7278 copy
Why do I call it Pig King? That's what the Japanese characters (豚王) stands for. Butaya is a one of a kind Japanese style fried food restaurant. On the side of the eatery, an advertisement claims that they are the first of its kind in lower mainland. Indeed, everything on their menu is fried. We learned of this place through a friend (Ringo, who went on several food adventures with us). Today, Ying and I both had the afternoon off, so we decided to pay this place a visit! It's a small restaurant that can seat about 30 people at most. It was by no means upscale but the interior is clean, cozy, well lit and quite comfortable.
Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bummer Dinner (fish n chips) at Red Rooster

I suddenly had a hankering for fish and chips around 4 pm today and I tried to convince my parents to venture out to Steveston so we could have Pajos, but there is no convincing them out of their lazy Sunday afternoon state of being and so it was a lost cause. So then I made plans to hit up Pajos with my brothers and MooseMan and his brother, but turns out Pajos was closed by the time we decided to go. And so MooseMan and I attempted to decide on another food spot.

We went through a list of names and finally settled on Red Rooster. Why Red Rooster? Well, because there is a very apparent shortage of Halal restaurants in Richmond and when one does open up, word of mouth contagiously spreads the message around in the Halal-eating community. And Red Rooster opened up 9 days ago and is Halal so naturally, we were going to try it out.

Tomoya Japanese Restaurant (友居酒屋)

IMG_8217 copy
Last night, Rich and I paid a visit to Tomoya Japanese Restaurant in Burnaby – again because I had recently purchased two deal vouchers. Tomoya is a Japanese/Chinese BBQ fusion place, right next to Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle House at the corner of Nelson Ave and Kingsway. It’s a really unassuming restaurant that might be easily missed. There wasn’t even an exterior sign, with the word Tomoya slightly obscured by its front doors. We had two vouchers, one for its new BBQ selections and one for sushi. IMG_8275 copy

Saturday, 10 March 2012

S&W Pepper House (建鑫园)

IMG_8117 copy_thumb[1]
Now, we haven’t been to S & W Pepper House for many many years. This particular location in Richmond used to be called Southwestern Wind – hence the S & W in its name. The original location is in Burnaby’s Crystal Mall. I didn’t even notice that they had recently changed names until I came across a voucher online. It is situated in the heart of Richmond right across from Richmond Center on No. 3 Road. There is ample parking at the back, but you have to enter from Park Road. IMG_8066 copy_thumb[1]
Friday, 9 March 2012

Mac N Cheese at the Mac Shack

IMG_8153 This place has been on my radar for a while but I never find myself in this area so I hadn’t been here. Until this past Monday after skating with Turtle, The Torontonian, and JChan. By the way, if you like skating you really should check out the new facilities at Hillcrest near Nat Bailey Stadium. This place has a skating rink, swimming pool, curling rink, gym, and sports facilities altogether in a shiny new (relatively) building! It a really nice area! Ok back to the topic; after skating I was hungry and I felt like going to a breakfast only location. After some indecisive loitering, snacking on chocolate, eating rice crackers and waiting for Wei Gor to finish work, we settled on the Mac Shack in Kerrisdale. Makes sense right? Totally.

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Quick late night meal at Cattle Cafe (牛仔餐厅)

IMG_8190 copy
It was indeed a quick meal at Cattle Café. Ying just got off at Richmond General Hospital post-call and felt extremely hungry because she did not have time to have dinner. It’s 11:30pm… Where should we go? So I drove down Alexander Road in Richmond and found that Cattle Café was still open. To my surprise, on a Thursday, there were quite a number of people in there… You can clearly see that a great deal of thought was put into this café. To start, this place looks modern and clean. The lighting is soft and comfortable to the eyes. Unlike most HK café that use generic napkins and cups, Cattle had their logo printed on everything. Just these little touches can make a dining experience a lot more amiable.
Friday, 2 March 2012

Only 9 Dishes? (九道)

IMG_8040 copy
What a ridiculous busy week! The Yummy crews are totally behind on eating! Nabs and I have been working like dogs and Ying has been “studying” for her exams (aka facebooking – just kidding). Today, after Taekwondo, I decided to try Nine Dishes located on Kingsway. Why this place? No particular reason really... The bright red sign looks appealing I suppose and it's relatively close to my class. They serve Szechuan and Northern China style fusion food. Interesting concept.
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