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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sushi Delight at Ichiban Sushi!

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Yet another blogging adventure fueled by a deal voucher I purchased online! Today we ventured out to Ichiban Sushi, a small Japanese restaurant located in the London Drugs plaza on Kingsway and Joyce. The place is hidden by Honolulu café in front, and if we didn’t know about it, we probably would never visit. Anyhow the voucher entitled us to two special rolls, two bowls of miso soup and 10 pieces of assorted sashimi for $15.
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The restaurant is quite small, seating about 15-20 people comfortably. When we entered, there were two chefs/servers manning the counter. When I showed them the coupon, they said that I was supposed to make an advanced reservation to use the coupon, but that I could use it if we wait 15 minutes… not exactly sure why we had to wait 15 minutes as they only had 2 other tables at the time… for the principle?

The interior was pretty simple and looks like your average hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. One thing I noted was that this restaurant does not have a public washroom? Very odd!
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Pretty sure this place is Chinese-owned – both servers spoke fluent Chinese to each other and the given “cash only” sign is posted right under the cash register.
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We started with the 10 pieces of sashimi that came with the voucher. There were two each of hokkigai (surf clam), salmon, tuna, tako (octopus) and amaebi (sweet shrimp). I was a bit disappointed to see tako being substituted for scallop as shown on the voucher website. However, all 10 pieces were really fresh and each had its unique texture. Our favourite was the sweet shrimp… oh so flavourful! _MG_9330 copy
_MG_9335 copy
The first of our two special rolls was the Fuji Mountain Roll. On first glance, it doesn’t look like sushi at all! The presentation, though creative, looked rather messy. It does kind of look like a mountain though… with tobiko coming down as red lava? The roll is essentially 8 pieces of avocado/cucumber roll stacked on top of each other then smothered by a spicy mayo drenched tempura batter, scallop and tako blend. Very tasty, but quite messy…
_MG_9339 copy
The other roll we picked was the fireworks roll, which was a chopped scallop roll topped with lightly seared salmon and tuna and drizzled with a spicy sauce. Richard really liked this one as he thought the fish on top was similar to tataki. The slightly smoky flavour of the fish really balanced the sauce. Quite a delightful roll.
_MG_9338 copy
The combo also came with two bowls of miso soup, which the waiter completely forgot about and I had to prompt for it more than halfway through our meal. There were big pieces of seaweed in the soup. Otherwise, nothing too memorable about the miso soup. It wasn’t overly salty I guess.
_MG_9332 copy
We also got a sushi pizza on top of the voucher food. As you can see, the toppings consisted of small pieces of salmon, tuna and avocado, as well as tobiko and drizzled with Japanese mayo. You may recall that we also got this dish at Sushiyama. I think I’m a bigger fan of the Sushiyama’s version as it was topped with large pieces of sashimi. The base was also crunchier, though we did let this one sit for a while before digging in… Still a pretty good dish overall.

The Yummies:
  • Pretty good food – fresh ingredients
  • Prices are reasonable, not super affordable, but not expensive
  • Some creative special rolls
  • Server was quite attentive as he kept filling our tea. (though, he did forget our miso soup)
The Yuckies:
  • Lack of decent parking (a lot of the slots in the parking lot were either reserved for London Drugs or had 30 minute max signs)
  • No scallop sashimi as advertised!

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